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Everybody needs a holiday. Whether it’s to the beach, to ski, or a weekend city break, taking time out from the mundane everyday routine is an essential part of life for career or work-oriented people. It’s so common to hear people around the workplace talking about their upcoming holiday or trip with excitement, most often accompanied by the phrase “I just need a break.”
However, as stimulating and as fun as holidays can be, they’re not always particularly restful or even healthy for our bodies. More often than not, a holiday means large indulgent meals, sleeping late, imbibing in more alcoholic beverages than normal, and loafing around in the sun. As appealing as these things are, people often find that they return to work still feeling worn down or tired, and may even get sick quickly after returning from what was supposed to be a restful break.
There are alternatives to the kind of holiday described above, and while they may not sound as fun when described to co-workers, they are ideal for restoring mind, body, and spirit. Try a weekend at a relaxation spa or natural hot springs retreat. Here, you can receive restorative body treatments, each healthy and enriching food, and ‘un-plug’ from all the technology that’s a part of your daily life. Or, rent a cottage or cabin that is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take time to cook a full meal, read a book, write in a journal or practise mediation.
The ones described above are just a few of the many options for those that want to take an alternative holiday. In order to fully reap the benefits, the most important things to do to on a restorative holiday are as follows:
• Refrain from any excess: food, alcohol, sleep, or rich and indulgent sweets. While these things are pleasurable, loading your body with them while you are trying to get healthy and rested is counter-productive.
• Take yourself out of the hustle: Don’t attempt to find quite and stillness if you’re staying in a hotel in the middle of the city’s best nightclubs and bars. Remove yourself from the temptation to go out on the town and your body will thank you.
• Remember to unplug: This is perhaps the most important tenet of a restorative holiday. Checking emails and getting interrupted by text messages will not bring your mental state to a place of quiet. Tell everyone you will be unreachable for a few days. Despite the fact that few people do this, it’s more than acceptable.

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